The Wick: What Do you Choose?


Let’s start off by getting silica out of the way.

is stiff Chinese (main suppliers) wicking material. I used it a lot when I first started hand wrapping builds. It was stiff enough for me to get a wire to wrap around it. That’s why I used it. I didn’t like the longevity and i didn’t like how it burned. Silica is not horrible but with Eco, cotton, ceramic wick and mesh i find it hard to buy.
But it comes down to what you like. I know people who don’t use cotton. I know drippers who you silica, very very few. When you get to vaping, especially sub-omhs, you are probably looking for cloud. Maybe flavor. Maybe both. With silica you don’t have as much hold as you would say with Eco. This could lead to more dripping or not as much wicking in a tank. But as I’ve said before. YOUR BUILD DETERMINES IT A LOT. Especially in your earlier building.


is Russian made wicking material. Wool with other additions. I do believe it now has an option for cotton () thrown into the mix. Ecowool is great. It is very practical. It works well and absorbs a lot compared to silica. It is expensive though. If you want to order it from distributor you can save some bucks but it will cost you regardless. What makes Eco great is that it can be used in every atty. It makes for an exceptional genesis build if you use it as a coat over your mesh. Kayfun works well with it and drippers aren’t to bad. The taste of it burnt is worse than silica though it is horrible. Really only downside in my opinion.


Mesh is good. Mesh is not for drippers though. Just don’t. Your not skilled enough. I guarantee it. Just a easy of a build and a waste of juice. I have seen some drip builds with mesh but most dont succeed and its kind best suited for other things when cotton is in the equation. Mesh is good got genesis style tanks it requires prep though. You’ll need a blow torch and a little patience cause it may take a few try’s to get it right. But it is a very quick wicking system. It will draw all your liquid up your tank. That is a benefit. Hold decent liquid. And if torched right shouldn’t have an off taste. Plus it pretty cheap. I would not suggest using this until you have someone show you or get a little educated. Even pre burnt mesh may not be enough torch to get what you want. A tutorial video will be up for it in the future.


This is where I sit. I sit at cotton for 3 reasons.

  1. I know how to build without hot spots or footing.
  2. If you prep it right flavor and liquid hold is a-mazing.
  3. I’m poor. In between mods, attys and juice I can’t afford wick.

With cotton doing the job like it does why not. Now I would recommend this because it does not require me to pull down my setup to rebuild and it seems amazing in every other aspect. I would not recommend this though because if you can’t build a solid coil you will be inhaling burnt cottons till you change your wicks. All other wicking is somewhat forgiving. Cotton is not. You burn it a little, especially on priming it up, you will probably need to start all over this is a lot of pain and drama that may ruin early vapers experience.

Give it some time or watch some videos.
Vaping is about exploring. Finding what works for you and what doesn’t. In reality unless you burning .1 all these should be a viable solution. I can only share where I’ve gotten in my time as vaping.


Opinionated Artical by. Patrick Walsh

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