Airflow Tips

EB & Flow of Airflow

  • Why do you want airflow?
  • How much is to much airflow?
  • How does airflow effect clouds?
  • What about flavor?
  • How do increase or decrease airflow?
  • How do I maximize airflow?

These are all good questions.

Airflow is the felt resistance when taking a drag. It is the air that goes through your atomizer when you inhale to push the vapor into your lungs.

Now that you know what airflow is lets answer these questions.

Why do you want airflow?
You need airflow to get any real production of vapor and nicotine.
Now how much is up to you. You may not see it on disposable or small tank vaping but there is always a small hole or two at the base of the atty.
On an rebuildable atomizer you you will usually see it on the Casing. Some offer adjustable, some you need to drill yourself. But that up to you.

How much is too much?
This is up to you. Large amount of airflow gives you easier airier draws. Small amounts give you a harder draw. Think of it like like Inhaling through a straw or a toilet paper roll. One will give you a whole lot quicker of a draw the other will keep you dragging for awhile. A large airy draw can belittle the flavor on inhale and a low draw can affect production as well as getting full flavor. You really have to find your healthy balance.

How does airflow effect clouds?                                                                                                                                                                  Airflow is a big part of clouds you want as much airflow and setup that can vape to match. You want your draws to intake the vapor you setup is putting out perfectly for optimal production (among other things but that’s if all other conditions were perfect). No airflow = no clouds realistically.

What about flavor?
This is not that big of an issue. You will always be coating your mouth with juice but with no airflow it may not be as intense and to airy you may be getting more air than liquid.

How to increase or decrease airflow?
So I’m gunna start by saying just get a adjustable airflow atty. they are so helpful in this. However, you usually can’t drill them out. Normal attys you will be able to drill but you can’t really change much after that. So its best to carefully move up drilling when finding that sweet spot. Your local vape shop should have a drill and know where to start you off 1/8′s-4/32′s are the common ones ********(check that Devon I can’t remember but somewhat sure)*******
To much airflow you may have ruined your atty. so be careful.

Maximizing airflow
It is not just you atty that affects your draw. It’s how you inhale. It’s your drip tip. It’s where your posts sit. Its oh so many little things. This is complicated but simple.
So I’m gunna explain this very annoying situations with a little experience.
So here I am. I got my first rda on a natural sigeli kit. I start building. I sit up all night making a good coil. Evenly space 28 g single coil 6wrap. I was proud of it. I got a lot of vapor off of it without the cap on. I eagerly put the cap on and drew. But it was like I was hitting a blue. I didn’t get it. I had a rda. Small holes were already in it. Why wasn’t I getting the rips like my buddies? After a day of frustration and coil building I finally saw my buddy again. He then showed me where I was wrong.
These are common mistakes i see now.

  1. I over stocked with wick. And blocked my air holes.
  2. My air holes were far from the coils (this is good for airflow but not production btw). There is a reason posts on a 2 post are to one side (other than center beam lol)
  3. I was using a nova tank drip tip.

When I had these mixed all wrong it was horrible I got no cloud production and I felt like I was sucking through a straw.
The drip tip allowed weaker draws, the wick placement stopped the flow of air into my tank, as well as the vortex being sucked into my mouth piece. I will post a pick of where I keep my shell and coils to show. I didn’t believe it. I didnt think it was a big deal but it really is when dealing with airflow. It can make worlds of difference. Especially in cloud production.
Hope this helped. This is my experience with this subject feel free to add.

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