“No Bull Just Vape” Created By Devyn Dominguez.

With Content also provided by Patrick Walsh (RDA Coil Builds), and Ryan Hill (Kanger Replacement Head-Rebuilds).

“I made this page solely for the purpose of the lack of being able to find what i needed through the vaping world. I have compiled two Mod Safety Sheets, multiple coil building how to videos, and am working on adding getting the best bang for your buck section.

Each Section is very useful in the world of mechanical vaping all here in one spot.

My main goal is to bring the ease of mechanical vaping to the world. In the Future i also want to start making juice myself and possibly opening my website for sales at competitive rates or better. I’m not looking to make money like most business men,  I’m here to save the world of smoke filled cigarettes and make the world a little less deadly. If i happen to start making some coin in the process, well fuck yeah I’m down. To each their own and i have found my “own”, my calling.”   -  Devyn Dominguez


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