The Cloud Maker Musts

⭐️Air flow and what to know⭐

I’ve been vaping for a awhile now and since I started I’ve picked up a few things on making clouds. I won’t got to far in depth yet but as a starter…

Here are the cloud maker musts in building.                                                                                                                                                    1. Safety.
Before you start vaping hard you need to be able to do It safely. This goes for batteries and conditions of mod. Don’t let liquid drip all up in you mod and don’t use a battery that can’t even pull 15 amps when you have a subom setup.

2. Atomizer.
Now this is debatable and I have seen a lot of differing opinions on the “best” type of atty to use. But dripping at this moment is the way to go. As to the specs… Hey find what you are comfortable with that has some good craftsmanship.

3. Mod.
I don’t care what people say. Not all mods are built equal and I feel I notice the subtle changes on hit and production when I choose my mod in the morning. But what I find is the best are non telescopic mods. I use telescopic don’t get me wrong. But the issue is with the voltage drop and how the mod becomes a circuit when you make contact. Tubing mods just seems to hit better but they are close. And if your willing to perfect you builds. It will be unnoticeable.

4. Wire
This is simple. Kanthal, boom, ribbon or any other.
You want wire that is gunna supply your needs. Ribbon you have surface area beneficial to clouds and flavor. Boom you have a higher nickel concentration producing some heat. Also good for production.
Then kanthal which is the one I’ve had by far the most successful builds. Boom and kanthal are where you wanna stick.

5. Builds.
Now this is where all your checklist can become worthless.
5a. Coil

  • Ask yourself is it spaced correctly
  • Is it even
  • Are there hot spots or footing
  • How many wraps
  • What omhs

5b. Wick

  • Cotton, silica, mesh, or Eco
  • Trim up your wick. You don need a bathtub for clouds. Just enough for a few hits
  • Make sure wick is not blocking air holes
  • Make sure vacuum can be created in atty

5c. Juice

  • Just got VG
  • The more VG the better
  • PS VG ~70^VG

That’s some brief stuff. I can go into a lot more depth but that should suffice for basic info. I will make a tutorial when my hand is not in a cast.


This Article Made by Patrick Walsh, Edited/Cleaned up by Devyn Dominguez.

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