Below are the two listed areas of safety for Mechanical Mods & The Batteries they use. Click one to start getting informed of the dangers and how to avoid them.

Vaping 101

  • This is A true Beginners guide to getting started in Electronic Cigarettes start here and move deeper in depth into it with the articles below

Battery Safety & Understanding

Mechanical Mod Safety

Battery Test Results

  • Check this one out guys some batteries may preform better and more safe than first though. Test results and tons of stuff on this one!

Coil building calculator

OHMs Law Calculator

OHM Chart

  • Follow this chart for you VV MOD users to safely burn your coil with out burning it. (Stay in the green) this chart will take you down to 3 volts and allow you to use RDAs on a VV MOD down to 1.2ohm

Below will be tips for Mods and RDAs, things such as airflow, the use of cotton over silica or ecko wool, and etc. All this information will be collaborated by everyone here at “©No Bull Just Vape”

Air Flow Tips (Patric Walsh)

The Wick What Do you Choose? (Patrick Walsh)

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